The Start of Something Good

You’ve got a landscape design in mind and you’ve found the perfect landscaping professional to help make your dreams a reality. Now, you’re ready to begin the transformation. Before taking that next step, review the guide below to avoid some common mistakes made by homeowners as they begin the process.

Sound Planning, Maximum Results

Always have a plan: You need to know what you want when consulting with a landscape professional. The relationship works best when they know your style and needs.

Don’t Assume: Don’t assume the landscape you admire in your neighbor’s yard will work for yours. The best landscape design is a sound assembly of the natural area of your lot, your home and the existing elements. A landscape professional can help determine the best design suited to what already exists on your property.

Make the commitment: The most beautiful, well-kept yards require year-round care. Of course, fall and spring are integral seasons for landscaping, but your commitment to retaining your beautiful yard should be constant all year long.

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